Yup, you’ve got it.

Plantar Faciitis that is…

I’ve already taken some steps like getting some insoles and some high quality shoes (Danskos) and now I have a pain med and a lovely ‘splint/boot’ to wear to bed at night to help with it.

I haven’t been running as much because of it so hopefully taking these steps plus continuing to lose weight will get me all better.



Where I’ve been and where I’m going

Over the last month + I’ve been following a program call “In Place of a Road Map” (IPOARM) over at myfitnesspal.com. The plan is based on knowing your RMR and an estimate of your daily calorie expenditure (including exercise) and THEN taking away 600c or so from that per day. It put me around 1600c to eat per day (I usually hit around 1500c per day). Well, I gained 6lbs. And I’ll be honest, I wasn’t perfect every day but I figure the few times I overindulged (and we aren’t talking gallons of ice cream or buckets of fried chicken, ykwim?) wouldn’t have made me gain- maybe not lost as much, but 6lb gain?

Deciding I needed to know WHAT was going on with my body, I went and got my RMR tested with one of the breathing machines. The result said that I had an RMR of 1512. Following the road map plan, that would still put me at around 1500c per day- right where I was eating. And gaining. There was a note in the IPOARM program about how knowing your bodyfat percentage is useful to help insuring the road map was accurate so I looked into getting an accurate BF% taken. I decided on a DX machine over hydrostatic testing.

Just so you know, I also have had my thyroid tested in June (perfectly normal) and all my blood work just got done with no issues.

Now this place I went was like a health-med spa and I went in very skeptical and wondering what else they were going to sell me on- their weightloss plan, their exercise classes etc. I figured I’d be seen by a med tech of dubious medical/fitness/nutrition background. Instead I met with the owner of the place/company who is a 68yo practicing cardiologist. He spent nearly two hours with me going over what he advocates for his clients. And he also had a nutritionist intern from our local statue university sitting in with him. (this whole thing including the scan cost $100 and he paid for my parking, too!)

The DX machine evaluated me at 38% body fat, 104lbs lean mass, 64.5lbs fat mass.

He wants his clients on a modified paleo/zone diet- where you avoid most grains, avoid dairy, avoid sugars and most oils. He put me at 1113c per day (at which I balked so he said if I wanted to up it a bit to do so) and a zone blend of macros, heavier on protein because he hopes to build some muscle while losing the fat. (those are 43% protein/30% carbs/27% fat) Also advised fish oil, vit D, vit C, calcium, and multi-vitamin (that he didn’t try to sell me).

The diet didn’t bother me that much- the low calories is depressing as hell but nutritionally it’s pretty sound.

Where I am not ready to quite drink the koolaid is the method of exercise he proscribes. He is a follower of the super slow high intensity weight training method (so you lift the max you can for only 5-6 reps because each rep needs to last at least 20seconds). He does that 2x a week and that’s all the exercise he really has people do. Folks with more than 30lbs to lose he says to add on a 5+ days cardio, preferably a walk for 30min or so just to help with calorie burn. He wants to add muscle and he says the lifting burns the muscle out/uses calories over a longer duration (that post exercise surge) and builds more muscle.

Of course that is A LOT different than I’ve even thought to approach exercise and the runner/cardio-person inside me squeals and cries a little bit at that. (as well as a healthy dose of disbelief)

The doc practices what he preaches, he’s pretty dang fit for a 68yo.

So what I’ve done since my appt with him last Thursday is to go down to the 1200c per day range with the macros he wants. I haven’t given up my cardio- but if I do cardio, I eat back at least half the calories I burn. I’ve done two of the super slow sets at the gym (which ARE hard and I feel pretty jello-y after doing them and the whole body routine is like 30min) but don’t eat any of the calories from that.

I don’t know if it’ll work- but overall it’s not that bad. It’s calorie restrictive and if you’re really trying to get to the right percentage of protein/carbs/fat there isn’t much room to ‘splurge’.

After my first week, I’m down a bit over 2lbs which is very positive. I was very good last week- but still had a few servings of homemade frozen yogurt, ate Thai on Saturday night (wise choices but still more calories/fat than I would have had at home) and last night I had about ¾ of an ice cream sundae.

So here is my 1200c menu from Monday with an extra 120+ calories to compensate for a 20min run and a 30min walk

Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened Almond Milk 1cup
Kirkland Signature (Costco – Frozen Mixed Berries, 1/2 cup
Gold Standard 100% Whey Cookies and Cream , 1 scoop
Milk – Nonfat (fat free or skim), 0.5 cup
Glory Foods – Seasoned Southern Style Collard Greens 1 cup
Tyson – Canned Chicken Breast, 4 oz.
Fresh Raw – Zuchini, 1 cup
Jennie – O – Lean Ground Turkey – 93/7, 4 oz patty
Boneless Skinless Chicken 4 oz – Chicken Breast,
Kraft – Miracle Whip – Light – 1 tbsp
Apples – Raw, with skin, 1 cup,
Usda – Banana (1 Inch), 8 inch
Maranatha – All Natural Roasted Almond Butter – Creamy, 1 tbsp
Seapoint Farms – Dry Roasted Edamame-lightly Salted,
Great Value or Domino – Powdered Sugar, 2 tsp
Chobani – Greek Yoghurt Plain Fat Free, 6 oz 105
TOTAL: 1,322 calories 118g carbs 36g fat 156g protein

Ode to ice cream

A definite factor in my current weight/weight gain is my absolute love of ice cream.

I’ve recently decided to make my own ice cream- so it’s made with better ingredients at least right?

I experimented with two-ingredient “ice cream” which was actually 3 ingredients and was completely impressed with the results. First off, I KNOW it’s not ice cream- but it’s creamy and frozen and sweet and for me a great substitute.

“Faux” ice cream
1 8″ banana cut into coins and frozen
1tbs of the butter if your choice (I used almond butter)
Almond milk- just enough to help blend the ingredients

Add these to a blender and mix till creamy- mine was like a super thick milkshake consistency requiring a spoon.

I used my cusinart smoothie blender and it worked fine BUT also worked it pretty hard- I wonder if my food processor would be easier to use…

Anyway, it’s paleo, it’s vegan, it’s clean, it’s low calorie and the best is that it was tasty.

Give it a try~

Stand by…

I will have lots of meaningful things to say… Tomorrow 🙂